Greens AI

An AI texting service and mobile app for teens with diabetes and parents to help manage their glucose levels while eating the foods they love

Forgetting to Take Your Insulin?

Meal time bolus in 30 seconds or less accurately. Don’t rely on memory and math use Greens with real-time photos of foods to assist in carbohydrate calculation and food experiment. Build a "library" of commonly eaten foods meals to inform future bolus strategy.

Master Difficult Foods

Pizza, Burgers, and Pasta can cause uncontrollable glucose levels because of slow digestion time and slow sugar release making it very difficult to time bolus pre and post-meal manually. We help analyze this data for you and predict future responses.

Personalize Experiments

New foods can cause unpredictable glucose spikes. Our app can be used as a diary of previous foods to verify your glucose response, and help predict future spikes.

No More Math

Take a photo, verify, and let the app do the math for you to calculate nutrition facts carbs, proteins, fats, and others. Input insulin: carb ratios, and let the application handle that as well.

Founding Team

Diabetes has plagued our family and friends for far too long, and we are on a mission to reduce headaches when it comes to uncontrolled diabetes.

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